External Venetian Blinds


Highest Quality, Technical Superiority and Product Perfection you would expect from a world leader in external Sun Shading Solutions. Keeping track with growing demands of modern architecture and ever increasing challenges in managing solar radiation, WAREMA’s pioneering Sun Shading Products are designed to meet the specific needs of your building, substantially enhancing the quality of life by creating a pleasant living and efficient working environment.

WAREMA’s innovative & extensive product range provides the ideal solution for external Sun Shading applications required in Commercial Buildings or Residential Property environment. Product Flexibility means meeting the client’s special needs & requirements in regard to managing the energy balance in buildings and if used systematically, savings of up to 40% can be achieved in regard to energy utilization for heating /cooling loads and use of artificial lighting.

You have the choice of manually operated options or electric motor driven controlled via Intelligent Mobile Systems, KNX or LonWorks Technology.

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Commercial Application

A perfect sun shading solution for Office Buildings, Hotels, Clinics & Hospitals! The fully automated system allows for efficient room climate control keeping the interior spaces nice & cool and in winter lets in light and warmth to save heating energy.

Modern product design compliments the architectural concept of the building in an optimal manner.

Residential Application

The right product for your dream house! A perfect, individual solution for every architectural style, with fully automated systems maximizing the room climate control and comfort levels of your home.

Improving the energy balance in your house, the value of your property and enhancing your own quality of life.

Green Star Rating


A good amount of natural daylight and intelligent control of solar radiation are the hallmarks of the new generation of “green” buildings, and increasingly form part of building codes and objectives of organisations.

A large portion of the sun’s rays penetrate through glass and is absorbed into the room. This direct radiation effect can cause discomfort for occupants, thus requiring airconditioning to cool down the building. Even on cold days, the sun’s effect (in the form of glare) can become quite uncomfortable.

External Sunshading entirely overcomes these issues by means of deflecting a substantial portion of solar radiation and controlling flow of daylight. As a cost saving measure, clear glazing can be used, since it is no longer the glass, but the external Sunshading system, that is controlling the flow the solar radiation.

It is common for external blinds to lower room temperatures by around 10 degrees. This means great savings on cooling costs and depending on location may remove the need for cooling altogether.

An ideal combination for South Africa’s intense radiation is double glazing (highly effective in preventing winter heat loss) together with external shading to lower the heat gain. Buildings created with these measures enjoy a comfortable and stable temperature all year round.

A product like WAREMA external venetian blinds provides complete control over solar gain. The blades are incrementally adjustable and coupled with a WAREMA control system track the path of the sun to optimize the interior condition. When the sun sensor measures that exterior conditions are dull, the blinds are retracted to maximise the penetration daylight!

~ Increase room comfort!
~ Enhance daylight!
~ Save energy costs on cooling & artificial lighting!
~ Reduce building costs!
~ Get Green Star ratings!


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